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I've Fell In Love With My Best Friend ( Zane X Reader )

I've Fell In Love With My Best Friend ( Zane X Reader )

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CaraLavoid By CaraLavoid Updated Oct 18, 2016

Your name is Y/N, you recently moved to Mystreet and decide its time to meet your Neighbors. You Head towards Zane's house which is across the street only. You Knock on the door politely as Zane Opens the door.
Ugh, What do you want? Zane growls with a confused and irritated expression. You Heard a catchy little tune playing in his house. My Little Horsey's! My Little horsey's. Ah, ah, ah, ah.. It was clear he was watching My Little Horsey's Which you just heard of.. You Hesitated. "Oh, Uhh, I'm just here to introduce myself.. " Oh Uhh, sorry about that I was just really busy watching My- Marathon!! Yeah, Marathon.. Let's go with that! " He mumbles. He face was extremely red.. Wait He runs a marathon? Well, at least he tried.. My Name Is Y/N! What's your name? I ask. U-Uh M-my Name Is  z-Zane! He stuttered. His face is still extremely red from stuttering and from the TV Show... "Well, Cya Around Zane! " I say And Za...

Michi_X56 Michi_X56 Sep 06, 2016
My name says Michi but in like [persons name × Reader] I use different names that I like
VT_Centurian VT_Centurian Jul 06, 2016
Zane:well bia*leaves room*
                              Garroth: did...he just rage quit xD
                              Zane:...*enters room*bk and no I just went to get ma MNT Dew Baja blast!!!
                              Blu:gimme some
                              Zane:here_-*gives me a sip of MNT Dew xD*
Zane!! Just like I told Millard! Stop it, get some help-- no!! Stop being a creepy old man!!
catgirl1234567890 catgirl1234567890 Aug 23, 2016
@SoulTheProxy I like that song. I have the nightcore version in my playlist
Little_Random_Demon Little_Random_Demon Jul 25, 2016
Nuuu why can't I just stay in side away from human interaction and watch fairytale
PinkyDerperz PinkyDerperz Dec 10, 2016
well i,found a great song for this...don't know the name but I did xD