Tutorial | Brendon Urie

Tutorial | Brendon Urie

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face of failure By trashcafe Completed


Brendon may specialise in English, but that's not all he's going to teach Grace.
An unlikely pairing between a high school student and teacher-in-training is all it takes for an entire town to unleash a world of pain upon Brendon Urie and Grace Drake once their affair sees the light of day. Will their relationship withstand the harsh criticism of a disapproving world?

*Should mention that this was inspired by @AnxietyAtTheBall 's "Call It An Obsession", which is an amazing read, and you should check it out if you haven't already.

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History makes me want to die sometimes, my teacher is creepy and seems really weird towards me and my three friends in that class and it makes me dread going he just has a creepy predator face
astgreengrass astgreengrass Oct 30, 2017
i actually - no lie- just spat my fking turkey sub out and onto my monitor at work and... and 
                              I hate myself.
urielectricuted urielectricuted Dec 12, 2017
Ffs hoe you better not become obsessed w her, I've read call it an obsession. Try me bîtch
Oh gosh I just finished (and started today whoops) the obsession book and found this book in my recommended and im having flashbacks
Also i have a student teacher in my business class and he recently started teaching our class until the end of the quarter and let me tell you he's h o t
HAHAHA I always do the best on my homework the night before its due... Probably cuz I have no choice. Either that or I just don't do it cuz I give up