Tutorial | Brendon Urie

Tutorial | Brendon Urie

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Brendon may specialise in English, but that's not all he's going to teach Grace.
An unlikely pairing between a high school student and teacher-in-training is all it takes for an entire town to unleash a world of pain upon Brendon Urie and Grace Drake once their affair sees the light of day. Will their relationship withstand the harsh criticism of a disapproving world?

*Should mention that this was inspired by @AnxietyAtTheBall 's "Call It An Obsession", which is an amazing read, and you should check it out if you haven't already.

bearoxphan bearoxphan Jun 09
I was having a really bad day at school and shoved my books into my locker then slammed it shut. Fast forward to after lunch and I go to open my locker and all of them fall out. I don't pick them up. I just sigh and walk out of the school. That's how I ditched school for the first time
When I was in 9th grade we had to reenact the trials... I didn't but most of the class had to😂😂😂
A woke up at a quarter to nine, I didn't get much sleep last night ((I hate me too))
To sum up, Brendon Boyd Urie is a beautiful and amazingly talented Satan figure that waltzed the earth at one point
Yee-Note Yee-Note Jul 17
Dont fall out boi*grabs the book called boi and puts it back in the locker*
It's nearly witches, so it's been fairly local 
                              How has no one made the refrence