Elysia Riddle [A Harry Potter Fan Fiction]

Elysia Riddle [A Harry Potter Fan Fiction]

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Livvi By AndSheWrites Completed

Elysia Riddle, a talented witch raised by her 'Uncle' Severus Snape on the grounds of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy is about to have her life changed as she finally enters the ranks of a Hogwart's student.
After discovering that she was created by Voldemort in a highly unorthodox way, she is soon going to be called upon to uphold her birthright and join her Father and restore him to glory, and power.

Can she defeat her birthright, and her Father, to defend herself and her friends?

Elysia must make the choice between love and heritage, but will she make the right choice?

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Acnequeen Acnequeen Jul 08
Please don't tell me she's gonna be brewed in a giant coldren like voldemort when he was being reserected
Acnequeen Acnequeen Jul 08
I just keep poking holes sorry I should just read and not look to far into it
Acnequeen Acnequeen Jul 08
Aww I remember making potions as a kid "lizard scales for strength *puts grass in* fire flowers for power *puts dandelion in* and nature's juice for life *puts squished up mint leaf in*"
Acnequeen Acnequeen Jul 08
Also what makes Dumbledore better then snape? There on the same side.
-karylle -karylle Aug 10
ok but is the magic not advanced enough that u cant double check who the blood belongs to?? or is voldy plain stupid
Sooo he's ginna brew a pottion to make himself a child? Theres easier ways to make a child you know