Through The Thorns~ The Guild Leader Chronicles Book One (COMPLETE)

Through The Thorns~ The Guild Leader Chronicles Book One (COMPLETE)

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****BOOK ONE****

Hope Stevens and her best friend were just going out to the club, something the two sixteen year olds do all the time.  When Hope wants to watch a bar fight that breaks out, she had no idea that by saving the man's life, her own life would be turned upside down.

Miles Roberts is a twenty-five year old newly divorced calculus teacher who decided to go out on a whim. His transition into the supernatural world of werewolves has so far been a breeze. It's not until Hope saves him does he learn why.

Miles and Hope's fates were sealed thousands of years ago though, where love truly did conquer all, and the balance of nature shifted. 

To save the world, and correct the balance of nature, they must go Through the Thorns. 

Cover by: @Lisamstu

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