The Motto Was Just a Lie//BJA

The Motto Was Just a Lie//BJA

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Billie Hoe Armstrong By Victoria_Rose1267 Completed

"But I can't, Billie. You don't understand."

"I know more than you think I do, but if you aren't ready to believe that, that's okay."

What happens when Cara, a girl with a troubled past, and Billie Joe, who just got out of a relationship, meet? Will it be a happy ever after or will Cara's past get in the way of things?

DISCLAIMER: lots of cursing, sexual jokes, drug usage, Tré's sass, Mike's killer bass, and Billie Joe's "y'know"

I'm trying so hard not to laugh and I'm supposed to be asleep lol
Hear that?
                              That's the sound of me crying my dark soul out!!!
*throws phone* *sobs quietly in corner* I wasn't ready for that...
I'm 5'1 
                              The struggle is real @dreamermartinez @highoffsalvatore @rosanellly @killerdeath9
                              (These people make fun of me to much)
Me when I moved to my new school last month I came in with a FIR shirt on and then as I was walking in I was like
                              She's going to hate me
                              She's going to hate me
                              He's cute but he will probably hate me
                              Hey a fellow Green Day fan!
See that mushy red pile over there? That's my broken heart. Thanks for uncovering it again.