Bungou Stray Dogs: Akutagawa X Reader X Dazai | Fates

Bungou Stray Dogs: Akutagawa X Reader X Dazai | Fates

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nohrianslut By nohrianslut Updated Jul 23


(Y/N) (L/N) was a member of the mafia with no ability. Although, some have said that she would get her ability at an older age which is why they took her in the mafia.

At 16, she still hasn't gotten her ability, resulting in her getting kicked out by her secret crush, Akutagawa.

For a while she is lost with depression feeling hurt with the act her crush has done. That is, until one year later, she runs into another ex-member of the mafia, Dazai who helps her be her normal happy self again.

When the three have an unfriendly reunion, how would they act with each other? 

[in this story i will put some options like a) b) c) etc. and depending on the maximum letters that you choose, is the ending that you get.]

(nothing is mine besides story (that i came up with in class lmaO). also story will be v different from the anime/manga bc you'll be in it and stuff. )

may contain swearing and some lemons (; 


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As soon as I read this line I thought of Sakura from Naruto. Lol
eluira eluira Oct 12, 2016
                              (tbh i read them all LMAO)
KarmaAkabitchi KarmaAkabitchi Dec 14, 2016
Where's the Kuudere one just saying "Cool whatever," and walked away
WeirdStarGazer WeirdStarGazer Dec 07, 2016
You know...this is actually a pretty accurate response for me, like I would actually say something like that. I tend to say things I don't mean when I'm angry.
eluira eluira Oct 12, 2016
Idk whether to choose this or a because I am a big ass tsundere but still have a dandere side XD (not to mention the yandere side)