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Zane X Kawaii~Chan

Zane X Kawaii~Chan

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youngnoot By youngnoot Updated Jan 15

         One afternoon, Zane and Aphmau were hanging out but Aphmau wanted to go see Aaron... But Zane didn't want too. So Aphmau told Zane to just stay at her house for awhile. Katelyn went somewhere but then Zane heard a sound from the kitchen. Kawaii~Chan was here! In her nightgown... Weird... 

Zane: K-K-Kawaii~Chan? What are you doing? I didn't know you were here actually... 
Kawaii~Chan: Zane~Sama! I'm actually baking cupcakes! 
Zane: *analyzes her nightgown* *he thinks to hiself* Why does she looks so cute in that nightgown... 
Kawaii~Chan: Um... Zane~Sama? Kawaii~Chan was wondering... Would you like to help me! Bake these cupcakes?
Zane: S-s-s-sure! Heh... *blushes and stops staring at her legs* 
After a hours later...
Kawaii~Chan: *phone rings* Hold on Zane I need to answer this... *picks up the phone* Aphmau? 
Virtual Aphmau: Kawaii~Chan I'm going to be sleeping at Aaron's house again... Are u home? Is Zane still there? If he is... Tell him he can go home now... 

Roses are red
                              Cacti are prickly
                              I'd just like to say
                              That this escelated quickly.
                              (10/10 original poem)
lacely101 lacely101 Feb 11
So what im gathering from this is that kawaii~chan is secretly a vampire or is that just me?
Kittipaw Kittipaw Jul 25, 2016
This makes me wanna faint of fangirlisum (that is now a word)
LegendaryCookie21 LegendaryCookie21 Jul 17, 2016
Wow 0 - 100 that escalated quickly... They didn't even get to 21... What a shame
KawaiiMLGFabio KawaiiMLGFabio Sep 29, 2016
You are the queen of Yaoi ships, yet this ship is straight. You are sitting on a throne of lies.
fluffyflerp fluffyflerp Jul 21, 2016
Roses are red,
                              Violets are blue.
                              That really escalated quickly.
                              100% true.