||Going Through Hell|| Mafiatale 0FINISHED0

||Going Through Hell|| Mafiatale 0FINISHED0

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DAB By Frisky0rChara Updated Oct 11, 2016


Part Two: ||EXP, LV, and You|| Dusttale

What's the point of watching the same humans dying and fleeing, over and over again?

That was your entire life, right there and then.

Not, until those monsters finally caught you. It has been long enough since you've seen how kind they were.

It was hard to realize what you've done.
But it'll never change.


"Now that you've seen my pain, you may as well RESET, Y/N. This Mafia won't and never has belonged to you."

Im-an-aquarius-pttwo Im-an-aquarius-pttwo Aug 31, 2016
*thinking* I'm 5'8"
                              ....*pops out of trash* WHO THE FVCK ARE YOU CALLING LITTLE, BISH!!?!!
Young_fancypants_ Young_fancypants_ Jul 18, 2016
I claim these 8 edd, Tom , matt, tord, tiny tom, lonely poney eating macaroni, tamara, matilda, and eddillable
Hey! I was going to make up a pun but my mind is Sans of any Humorous skelepuns!
Tracy-Kindness Tracy-Kindness a day ago
Bish i heard you call me short so you can kiss you mother fricken 1 hp good the fûck bye *slashes at sans and lands the hit*
*le gasp* look! It's smiley trash bag and walking fillet pirate fish sticks
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Can u get out of my house please, reader? I'm trying to draw.