The Best Completed Stories on Wattpad

The Best Completed Stories on Wattpad

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purifist By purifist Updated Apr 02, 2017

If you're interested in teenage fiction, romance, humor or fantasy and don't want to wait for the updates !!

Each chapter has:
- been dedicated to the author;
- has the story in the external link;
- the blurb for the story is there too;
- my ratings of the plotline and writing style out of 10 (personal view only, don't hate on me);
- I've also put in a 'Song of the Story', so you can listen to some new tunes; and
- a Published Book Recommendation for each chapter, so as well as reading amazing stories on Wattpad you can go read more amazing stories from your local bookshop.  

Message me (please don't comment, I rarely read the comments) if you have a book you think I should read! And I'm up for making covers too if you want to ask about that.
AND also yes some of these are uncompleted I'm SORRYYY they were just too good to ignore.


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- - Apr 19, 2016
I really hate that book. Its one of three books that made me cry. And belive me, I've read many-a book in my time.
unstoppable73 unstoppable73 Nov 23, 2015
I've read this story and I can honestly say that it was amazing
- - Jul 28, 2015
13 reasons is the most depressing book I've ever read. I cried a river...
EasterEggs EasterEggs May 17, 2015
I started reading this novel at home when I didn't have my phone and it is really good
izzie9 izzie9 Mar 21, 2015
I'm I absolutely loved 13 reasons!
                              I got it out of our public library and cried sooooooooo much!
                              then I saw it on here if u haven't read it it is totally amazing 
                               if u haven't read it do so now it's one of the best books iv ever read
ana1812 ana1812 Jan 13, 2015
aww I love 13 reasons why 
                              its a . published book I dont think its on wattpad