7 minutes in heaven (a D. Grey Man fanfiction)

7 minutes in heaven (a D. Grey Man fanfiction)

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Emma By DGreyManFangirl Updated Jun 27, 2015

(I don't own D. Grey Man)

"Tch! These parties get so boring after a while." Kanda complains.

"Oh, common Yu! We're celebrating the first accomplished mission of our pretty new exorcist!" Lavi says, poking him in the face.

He turns his one-eyed gaze to you and smiles, making you blush a little.

"Don't listen to that big jerk Kanda." Says a voice behind you. Leenalee throws her arm around your shoulder in a hug.

"He drank too much, so now he's crankier than usual." 

"My mifh mare mush shumshim mesh me coulmd dom! (I wish there was something else we could do)", says Allen, his mouth full of food. 

"For once, I agree with been sprout!", says Kanda as he throws Lavi to the floor in some sort of martial arts move. 

Allen swallows his food and shouts at Kanda: "My name is Allen! How many times do I have to tell you!!" They growl at each other and you can practically taste the tension in the air.

"Hey! I know what we can do!" Leenalee exclaims. She jumps up onto the table and shouts l...

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GreenRevolutionary GreenRevolutionary Jul 20, 2016
Kanda is so cool!!! He understands what the Bean Sprout is saying!!!😂😂😂
FishCak3 FishCak3 Mar 10, 2014
@DGreyManFangirl >///< I'm so glad you like it. I was thinking of giving up because the story isn't moving. I'm really shy too. Don't worry.
FishCak3 FishCak3 Mar 09, 2014
woah? why me? thanks though! I like this story! I read it all the way and realized I wasn't logged in. ;) it's smexy. but, seriously, why me?