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Blake Belladonna x reader

Blake Belladonna x reader

23.2K Reads 300 Votes 4 Part Story
SC By Silentshyguy123 Completed

Even a cat in disguise can't resist catnip
Warning: Mature content

Port:"Kids, ask him some questions" 
                              Students:"How low can you go?"
                              Me: lower than your mamas elbows seen it in a lifetime
tbear47 tbear47 Dec 17, 2016
Lets see...... I have short, clean-cut red hair, two massive great swords on my back and Stella grey eyes
I_Am_Zenith I_Am_Zenith Nov 14, 2016
Yeah my voice occasionally still breaks so no honey. I'd be like "hi what's your NAME!!!!" Because voice breaks.
I_Am_Zenith I_Am_Zenith Nov 14, 2016
His name is... Pablo Ricardo Miguel Manuel Antonio Fernandez Escobar Rodriguez
AidenPearce654 AidenPearce654 Dec 29, 2016
Im the densest mc like ichika from infinite stratos or the mc from nisekoi,
Keylen64 Keylen64 Dec 16, 2016
Lets see got white and black hair, purple eyes and thats pretty much it about my looks.