Stand By Me

Stand By Me

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Gotta Love My Haters:3 By XxSasha_679xX Updated a day ago

"Go change.NOW" my brother Anthony says. See this is why my life is miserable I mean I know I'm only 12 but you know I have a life too.

"no" I said like I said before very stubborn.  

"Destiny go change now!!" Ugh these people don't know what NO means. 

"Do you not understand what no means" I say getting vey annoyed. 

"NOW!!!!" Wow I never heard Blake yell before but I guess it's a start....

Destiny is a 12 year old & is the only girl in her crazy,secret keeping,loving family.With her older,annoying, overprotective brothers Ashton,Jonathon,Anthony,Blake,&Michael. Her parents died in a car crash when she was 5.She finds out mysterious & other stuff she never knew about her world is turns upside down but in a good way she creates enemies & gets bullied by the five guys she hates!!!


How will she survive this crazy,twisted world?
Find out in Stand By Me.
Please give this story a chance I will appreciate it very much & I promise u, u won't regret it.

And thank you @shivangijain for this amazing cover

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This really is a typical "I'm 12 and my mommy says I can't date" type of relationship😂👌