Reasons As To Why Sawada Tsunayoshi Must Never Be Hurt

Reasons As To Why Sawada Tsunayoshi Must Never Be Hurt

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Anime/Manga: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

By: halcyonranhuer  

And Tsuna himself doesn't know why people treated him like some sort of great being, good or bad. He just hadn't seen the other side of Vongola, or his family and friends. Over-protectiveness at its finest. (A three-shot)

Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor/Family 
Status: Complete

I do not own KHR, neither this story. I just want to share the happiness that i feel while reading this story.

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EriHio EriHio Nov 25, 2017
Um. Yeah. I believe you. *Bring the goodie sharp knife that resembles anyone a kitchen knife but with blood* Uh oh... Senpai... Watch it before give it to me
                              Chara: I gave you last 30 minutes without blood!
                              Hio: Oh.... Then another fic nezu's blood then...
Of course his not look at them their not going to kill them or anything their going to carcass them and send them to the deepest dungeon in hell on the seventh layer.
setsuna27tsubasa setsuna27tsubasa Dec 28, 2017
'important enough to rival the laws of physics*
                              *choked* *cough cough cough* w-what? XD *laughing non stop*
ChibiLuvsBooks ChibiLuvsBooks Sep 16, 2017
Hey look it rhymes :D
                              "Heads rolled,
                              Organs ripped,
                              Bones Breaking,
                              Blood Spilled.
SamerellaQuartings SamerellaQuartings Oct 31, 2017
                              I like where this is going
                              *starts chanting 'R27'*
ArukaZoaldyeck ArukaZoaldyeck Nov 15, 2017
Let's forget she said that.. Can't taint kind and sweet Uni in my mind...