Good Girl... Gone Bad.

Good Girl... Gone Bad.

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Eliza By Eliza94 Updated Jul 24, 2012


Meet Lola Rose: The daggy, uncool new girl with a cheating boyfriend and a worst enemy that happens to be the most popular girl in school.

Lola soon becomes best friends with the most rebellious girl in school, who gives her a shocking, incredible make over.
For the first time Lola is no push over and she is beautiful. But what are the consequences of turning into the hottest girl at school? 

A story about love, friendship, enemies, heartbreak and betrayal.

  • alcohol
  • baby
  • beach
  • beatings
  • bike
  • birthday
  • boat
  • boyfriend
  • bracelet
  • broken
  • cheating
  • cop
  • depression
  • dress
  • drinking
  • drunk
  • embarrassment
  • enemy
  • fearful
  • fight
  • fun
  • girl
  • girlfriend
  • harm
  • heart
  • heels
  • hospital
  • hot
  • injure
  • jacuzzi
  • jealousy
  • kiss
  • love
  • make
  • motor
  • murder
  • nude
  • over
  • party
  • passionate
  • popular
  • rebel
  • romantic
  • saved
  • sea
  • self
jingying2004 jingying2004 Sep 05, 2017
You know your 'picture to the right' is either NOT THERE or it's like... REALLY outdated
_calshood _calshood Aug 06, 2017
What the actual fûck?!
                              That guy deserves to be dumped in a hole somewhere girl, he ain't good enough for you
                              And he's probably cheating on you 
                              And you don't need to give a guy your virginity just cos he says so
                              Don't listen to that fûcker
Lost_Fairytales2 Lost_Fairytales2 Oct 25, 2017
Not even ten minutes in and I'm already upset with her 😣😣😣
BookLover1oo BookLover1oo Jun 20, 2017
This bîtch is crazy like she has to be on some type of drugs for still being with this nigga like what
Youngwonzz Youngwonzz Aug 12, 2016
He basically just said he wants to dump you once you give him your virginity Diablo
iamclaryfray07 iamclaryfray07 Aug 04, 2016
Hold up biatch rewind who the fck u think u talking to biatch i will end u