Hot Chocolate *Zanvis AU* *ON HOLD*

Hot Chocolate *Zanvis AU* *ON HOLD*

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♥ ebby♥ By xEbony_ Updated Oct 01, 2016

Zane hugged his sweater closer to his body as he neared the exit of the High school, The crisp air nipped at his pale fingers as he reached out his arm to push open the glass door, he Stepped from the school and his eyes landed on the cute Café that sat perfectly in the corner of the street.

His eyes squinted as he noticed a Red and white sign that Read 'HELP WANTED' 

"Huh.." He breathed and watched as a puff of white left his nose that was covered by the thin black mask. 

The raven haired boy entered the Café, the Smell of coffee overwhelmed his nose as he spotted the Bluenette behind the counter.

"Hey Katelyn" he said as he walked up to the marbled counter, Katelyn turned around and nodded "The usual?" She asked as she moved to the back to grab a cup

Zane hummed an answer as he eyed the Light green walls and dark wood tables.

"Here you go, one hot chocolate with extra whipped cream" She smiled as she set the brown cup down, and wiping her hands on her apron and the ponytail she...

red_timbers red_timbers Jul 17, 2017
That's the worst, idk what it's like since I'm 5'3 and in 7th grade so I'm one of the tall girls in school but I was under average when I was 6-8 and was pushed around a lot as a kid
DevThmoe DevThmoe Jun 12, 2017
(Worst case scenario it could have ended up near me number and one of you people would find me and trap me in a cage of chairs/tables. XD)
ch33mcheeze ch33mcheeze Jun 28
I'm 5'7 and I am still consider short (I'm in grade 7 ) ppl at my school are hella tall i feel like a potato
ShadowTheDestroyer ShadowTheDestroyer Nov 21, 2017
I would have died laughing if I called this number and the person answered was named Travis 😂😂😂😂
CielPhantomhiveBacon CielPhantomhiveBacon Sep 03, 2017
Horrible but I would never know the pain I'm 5'3 in 7th grade in a school of short Mexicans (no offence Mexican blooded people) and I awkwardly hit everyone in the face or some sort if body part.
Werewolfshipper Werewolfshipper Jun 11, 2017