Most Scandalous Deal [Revising & Seeking Inspiration]

Most Scandalous Deal [Revising & Seeking Inspiration]

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Diory By MissDiorCherie Updated Jun 08, 2013

On her Twenty-third birthday Isabell Rivers gets a letter that she has gotten for all her past birthdays.. 
A letter once again asking her money for her kidnapped sister's life...

Isabell has payed for this long.. and refuses to this time.. 
only because she has nothing..

She sets out on a journey to find her sister and along the way meets a stranger that will help her reach her goal and make her fall in love.. with a most scandalous deal.

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viveka_amri viveka_amri Aug 26, 2012
I'm defenitely interested in reading this when it's finished, the introduction really captures my interest, and from the little I've read (only a few paragraphs of the first page) your english seems great!
MissDiorCherie MissDiorCherie Aug 26, 2012
@Tania_Re @EditingBitch thank you both for reading this story!! I really appreciate your wonderful comments! and thank you editingbitch for giving me some more ideas to improve it.. I will try to add as much details as I can throughout my revising.. Thank you!
viveka_amri viveka_amri Aug 21, 2012
I'm wondering, is the four parts all there is, or is it because you're revising it?
MissDiorCherie MissDiorCherie Jul 07, 2012
@Sierra256715 Aww thank you so much for reading and commenting.. yes i will add in more details.. thank u once again. :P your story was awesome btw.. ;)
Sierra256715 Sierra256715 Jul 07, 2012
I love historical fiction. *Smiles like bugsbunny* I like even more 1800s onwards! }D I would go other some paragraphs and add in details here and there, but otherwise, quite nicely written. Some descriptions would be appreciated I think!
MissDiorCherie MissDiorCherie Jul 07, 2012
@CjArcher Thank you. Yes having many years of ESL and speech training courses..has helped a lot.. American English is a very confusing and hard language to master... thank you once again for your wonderful comment CjArcher! :)