As Cold as Ice (Travis X Reader) - {COMPLETED}

As Cold as Ice (Travis X Reader) - {COMPLETED}

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Vulpixal By Vulpixal Completed

After finally running away from your home, you find yourself on a very secluded island, and live there in its cold climate for years.

One day while trying to find refuge, you are attacked by a man with white hair. He brings you to his friends, and you find refuge in their group.

But what happens when your father finds out? Who will get hurt? And more importantly, who will fall in love?

(Y/N) - Your Name
(F/C) - Favorite Color
(H/L) - Hair Length
(H/C) - Hair Color
(E/C) - Eye Color

EspeonIsBae EspeonIsBae Oct 02
I always though her hair was brown and she had pink eye maybe I was wrong
LBD1127 LBD1127 Nov 01
Creepy crappy(I started writing it normaly but then I saw the chance to try and ryme and I took it)
I know my butts nice but I know that. You don't need to tell me Trav.
Funfanfic1 Funfanfic1 Nov 17
                              My favorite thing hehehh
If it was my story...I would've said delicious for the blood because I'm a vampire
OH SHUT PLOT TWIST!!!! And when I saw 'virgin' I was like. "THATS A TERRIBLE WAY TO DIE!!" Eh? Eh? Okay no I'm a f@&$ing messed up 10 year old.