Book I - As Cold as Ice (Travis X Reader) - {COMPLETED}

Book I - As Cold as Ice (Travis X Reader) - {COMPLETED}

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Vulpixal By Vulpixal Completed

A demon father.

A deceased mother.

A horrible past.

And then out of no where, a guy with white hair and emerald green eyes.



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poopsiie poopsiie Feb 24
so i'm like
                              a demon child?? huh
                              nothing out of the ordinary there
Random_Fangirl13 Random_Fangirl13 Dec 26, 2017
You mean the Travis x (Reader name) ship? Please take me to it
LovingGalaxies LovingGalaxies Nov 21, 2017
I can eat a whole pizza and a half without gaining weight (◎_◎;)
alright 2 chicken wings is not a lot dude wtf do you even know the rules of eating "a lot"?!
xXxBlueDarknessxXx xXxBlueDarknessxXx Oct 01, 2017
"A very powerful demon known as Alexander ir Alex for short"
                              Me:*looks at Alex (my best guy friend*AAHHHHHH!
                              Alex:*looks at me too *AHHHHH
                              Both:*does the le gasp face*AAHHHH!!!
Scugamogaly Scugamogaly Oct 13, 2017
"The blood of a virgin" well looks like Travis is out of the picture here..... and maybe Laurence