magcon/omaha boys texts☽

magcon/omaha boys texts☽

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troubled child By hornified Updated Oct 13

hello!! this book contains

-text messages
-group messages
-dirty imagines

about, omaha squad, magcon (old magcon), and freshlee squad.

{lower case intended}

[requests are open!!]

started: may 11, 2016

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I dont have anything against Madison, but I just wish Jack & Jack were as close as they were before. they were friendship goals tbfh.
he got roasted & so did madison. she is spittin' straight fire, dang.
lulu if you love me you'll surprise me with one even though it's closed (:
                              Tez? If not then luh
                              Group text telling them that 'he' cheated on me. 
                              We have a fight and he abuses me because he was DRUNK.
                              He says sorry but I say it'll take a lot more than that.
                              Thanks 💙