Reaped With Love

Reaped With Love

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Sheena By TheRedDelilah Updated Nov 18, 2011

Maximus was a Grim Reaper. He takes life after life callously like he goes through socks because that's what he is. Sympathy was not part of his job description nor does give second chances. But, when he meets his next assignment, Sahara, a girl suffering from Leukemia, his beliefs were tested. 

Sahara begged to live a bit longer, just long enough to do the four things she wanted to do before she dies.

For some reason, Maximus was torn at the girl's plight. For years of serving as a life taker, seeing this girl made him what to reconsider so he decided to give her a month but with the condition of being there with her throughout the deal.

But what Maximus didn't expect was for him to fall in love with her along the way.

Innocence_is_bliss Innocence_is_bliss Mar 01, 2012
you definitely have a knack for writing, and your sorrowful description of the scene made me want to read more. Please upload soon, and always keep writing :)
tomohawk tomohawk Nov 21, 2011
Great start. I always love stories wherein death is described as a beautiful experience, rather than the usual shadiness it's associated with.
hobbity0923 hobbity0923 Nov 18, 2011
@NefariousOne Lol thank you :D I love Grim Reaper stories and this one is one of the best that I've seen. I'm looking forward to more soon :)
TheRedDelilah TheRedDelilah Nov 18, 2011
@justgrace - OMG! You actually liked my story? Back in my old account, I was your fan like seriously! I read your book "When your mom marries your ex boyfriend" and "Selling my soul for his Aston Martin" and those were the ones I liked from your work. :D 
                              *having a moment
JackGallow JackGallow Nov 18, 2011
@xangelsmomx got to agree with @nefariousone thank you so much for the dedication!!! <3
TheRedDelilah TheRedDelilah Nov 18, 2011
@devouring_hearts - Seriously Dori, your scaring me with your machete. XD