Homicidal Liu x Child Reader

Homicidal Liu x Child Reader

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V는 내 이름이다. By ThatCreepyFreak Completed


I was walking down an alley when I heard a baby cry... 'What?' I go to where the crying was coming from. What can I do with you?...

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Astral795 Astral795 Oct 22, 2017
*reads opening sentence* Okay well hello Mr EdgyMcMyChemicalRomaceHotTopicotheredgythingsandstuffnnnnn
is taught supposed to be taunt or thought. sorry if this comes off as offensive, but I am an idiot and kinda confused.
Mystic_Hopes Mystic_Hopes Mar 24, 2017
so the person called me a freak then told them to love and care for me? well your one weird ass person
creepypasta06 creepypasta06 Jul 10, 2017
Jeff is so a jerk when he see Liu have a baby girl that he the uncle of the baby girl now
Jane, go mind your own business. Breaking BENjamin made a song about you. Hueeheuhehe
ThatCreepyFreak ThatCreepyFreak Jan 31, 2017
I don't think so... I think Jeff just fled away @Bianca_di_Angelo_18