The Phoenix (Akatsuki no Yona / Yona of the Dawn Fanfic)

The Phoenix (Akatsuki no Yona / Yona of the Dawn Fanfic)

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夜空 By yozoranight_ Updated Jun 23

The Phoenix is a mythical creature that is a legend. Sora, being the reincarnation of the Phoenix who had accompanied King Hiryuu before, has to carry out her duty to stay and assists by Hiryuu's Reincarnation's (Yona) side. Little did she know that she will make a great impact to one of the males in their group and her life. How does she use her abilities to help Yona? Who is the male that will meddle with his and her life? What will happen between them?


Disclaimer: I do not own Yona of the Dawn. I only own my OC which is Sora.

Jae-ha does not het enough attention... I like him nut he comes in second place in my heart for this anime/manga
MsWritten MsWritten May 16, 2016
wuhoooo!!!!!! Im the 1st on to commrnt *v*
                              Hehehe anyway it is very interesting Authie-san!!
                              Update soon!!! ^^
myohaku myohaku Oct 09, 2016
Pair Sora with Jaeha or with Yun. Haha
                              Yona is for Hak. Hak is for Yona 😍
2016keicry 2016keicry Sep 14, 2016
Make it that there are different endings; each ending with a different guy