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His Little Princess

His Little Princess

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Deceptive_Love By Deceptive_Love Updated Nov 03, 2016

Book #1 in Little Series

Dante Knight is a cold, heartless multimillionaire. He owns the worlds leading business by being the most ruthless mafia leader. One night when going to collect a well overdue dept he meets a gorgeous little nymphet. The minute he sees he knows that she is his. His little Princess.

She didn't know why he was at her house. She was too naive and ingenuous to understand what was going on right before her eyes. All she knew was she had a new friend. A friend who gave her whatever her heart desired.

Ifrit_Power Ifrit_Power Aug 17, 2016
wait a minute, let me just stop... then I'm sure i can take this hot piece of hunk all in... :]
1shenequa 1shenequa Aug 20, 2016
I would never, ever let my child wear a dress that short. Also she's not  wearing any tights. But that's just me.
beautifully_pathetic beautifully_pathetic Jul 23, 2016
Everyone makes mistakes.. everyone have those days 😂 #debt
jjjmsl jjjmsl Nov 16, 2016
Everyone is like "he's really hot" and I'm here like "HOLY SHîT HIS HAND IS GIANT"
kj12727 kj12727 Oct 18, 2016
No, just no. I don't like people who dress like children, it creeps me out. Just imagining a 16 year old girl wearing that seems to me like the definition of wrong and disturbing. No offense intended to anybody just my opinion
xCheeseBreadx xCheeseBreadx Jul 30, 2016
He would look so much better if he wasn't squinting.. Why do guys do that 😐