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When her best friend becomes pregnant with the notorious hybrid's baby, Raylynn Montgomery finds herself sucked into a world ruled by vampires. 

The city of New Orleans at war between witches, vampires, and werewolves. Her best friend and baby forbidden by the self-proclaimed 'King.' Raylynn and her best friend being linked to a witch with nothing to loose. Not to mention, Raylynn used to hunt to very things she has taken up residence with.

Will Raylynn make it out of this city alive, or will she become the very thing she despises the most?

|Season 1|

I do not own The Originals or its characters and storylines. I do own Raylynn Montgomery and her story.

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void-davina void-davina Jan 18
Crystal Reed and Phoebe Tonkin are the same height of 5’8 which is pretty tall for a girl to begin with
blissfulmaraais blissfulmaraais Sep 17, 2017
Just think, if the witches didn't have there rules marcel would be dead and none of this drama would have happened... Thanks gosh for drama 😂😂
-estoeric -estoeric Oct 15, 2017
I can see she’s saying all suicides and I know that’s from motel California and now I’m think of that episode and I’m sad
Kyoya_kumo Kyoya_kumo Feb 14
Oh the irony! In TW she hunts wolfs (kind of...) in this Vampires?
jugheadlovercolelove jugheadlovercolelove Sep 19, 2017
Wait. Just imagine how he would act if he saw our comments about him being hot
biracial-beauty biracial-beauty Sep 17, 2017
Am I the only one that thinks looks kinda like an older Stefan???