Smile - Cedric Diggory ✔️

Smile - Cedric Diggory ✔️

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Cedric Diggory is in his sixth year and he has entered in the Triwizard Tournament. He plays Seeker on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, of which he is captain. But now he is facing a problem that he doesn't know how to solve. He needs a date to the Yule Ball.

Iris Maya has been Cedric's best friend since first year, but he's too oblivious to notice that she's completely in love with him. She hides her blushes behind her hair and tries to be a good friend even though it breaks her heart.

One of his team members on the Quidditch team says something about it that gets Cedric thinking. He couldn't like Iris, could he? She is his best friend. Always has been, always will be. But he starts to notice her shy smile and cute laugh. He starts to notice the expression on her face when she's daydreaming, and how much she cares about him. He realizes that he's been in love with her for a long time, but was just too clueless to figure it out until now. But he doesn't want to ruin their great friendship, so he keeps his mouth shut.

But then the Yule Ball comes up, and he can't stand the idea of seeing her with someone else. Nor can he stand the thought of spending the evening with anyone other than her. Now he just has to find a bit of courage to ask her. This is going to be so much harder than the tasks.

I don't own Berry Trotter, or any of it's characters. All rights go to J. K. Rowling. Iris is mine, as are any other characters not mentioned, and their plots belong to me.

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And this is what love is, sacrificing your own happiness so the one you love above all will find there own happiness, even if it may be without you
jirein jirein May 08
Omg when I read "move on" I almost cried because I thought Cedric was already dead 😂 I guess I read that wrong 😂
not even hufflepuff lmao im slytherin it's just hufflepuff is so badly neglected