Shadow Clan~ (Naruto Fan Fiction)

Shadow Clan~ (Naruto Fan Fiction)

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Ren By lma_Pervert Updated Nov 25, 2011

Yeah, if you haven't read my other story with my awesome speech about summaries then you wouldn't know this. I fail at making summaries so the story might sound remotely different from it. I once again put my brain power forth and made this, but it's seriously a spoiler that's why I don't like it =.=
SO if you don't want to spoil the story then skip the summary and go straight to the story. Trust me. You won't be missing anything.


A clan hidden in the shadows; unknown to the Shinobi world. Loyal only to the Kages themselves hence the name Shadow. 
They live by this creed:
"You..are a shadow and a shadow alone. You must trust nobody not even your family. Don't even trust yourself, someday having trust in yourself may be your own downfall. You as a shadow live and protect the village thou is appointed to. You are loyal only to the village and more importantly the Kage themselves. are only a shadow."
Living by this creed, they live alone and die alone; loyal only to there Kage, but what happens when this very clan so loyal the village decides to betray them? Only one thing; the clan must be eliminated for it is a threat worse then the Akatsuki themselves. 

Only the strongest of the Shadow Clan would be able to do that, and only somebody completely loyal. Read this and find out about the live about the young boy burdened by his past as he continues on and tries to live a normal life.

What? I just gave away the main's past if you haven't noticed! I am in a grouchy mood now -.-
I know what ya are thinking! Why don't you just leave it blank instead of putting yourself through this agony or Why don't you just make a summary without spoiling the story? I WOULD IF I COULD!! *anime cries*
It's just that my brain would get all weird if I don't have a summary....And like I said "I would I if I could." My brain just goes blank when I try to make summaries so this is the best I can do. *sigh*
Anyways enough of my rant, JUST READ THE STORY! I BEG

HerBestFriend HerBestFriend Feb 17, 2013
Continue really good story going and I for one liked your summary
Denarokai Denarokai Oct 24, 2012
                              IAKORANED: THREATENING ISN'T HELPING 
                              DENAROKAI: I DON'T GIVE A PSYCHO SO CONTINUE
- - Jul 16, 2012
OMGosh usually to me the first chapter is always the worst of all the chapters but this fist chapter was amazing! It pulled me in and now I trhink I'm hooked for good! XD Keep writing. With that kind of skill you could become a professional author!
jujubee21 jujubee21 Jan 25, 2012
you should really continue, it's great! Besides, It's a good change of scenery to see a story about a boy instead of a fangirl for once xD