Vampire Queen  Raphael Santiago

Vampire Queen Raphael Santiago

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Clary Fray lived in the mundane world with her best friend Simon Lewis until her world is turned upside down by the kidnapping of her mother. After her journey to get the mortal cup and save her mother she hopes that it all will be over. 
  But nothing is less true.....
  Her mothers memories are blocked and no Silent Brother or Warlock is able to crack her head open, with is very unfortenate due to the fact that Jocelyn maybe heard Valentine's plan.
  When Raphael overhears the Shadowhunters, he offers them his services. 
  But this requires the assistance of the most powerful Vampire there is... The Queen
  [Season One]
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I’m Am no Mundane I’m am Actually half Banshee half Vampire with Witch powers so
14Alopex 14Alopex Jan 12
Hola los niños de la Luna,  los niños de la noche, los niños de la Lilith y nefilim!! 
                              I'm writing about the gif😂 I find it funny how in the show Raphael tells Simon that its not a hotel but their in hotel dumort 😂
insane_Kid insane_Kid Oct 07, 2017
I was having a good time and honestly I feel so attacked rn
                              WAIT TILL MY FATHER HEARS ABOUT THIS!
jadedarkness12 jadedarkness12 Aug 06, 2017
I am not a mundane, I'm a hybrid of a warlock/witch and vampire.
Thatweridgirliscrazy Thatweridgirliscrazy Jun 28, 2017
EXCUSE ME I'm a tribird  aka shawdowhunter and a witch/warlock and a banshee
Insane_Nerd_19 Insane_Nerd_19 Dec 14, 2016
You say that again and it will be the last thing you ever say got it...🙂