Book Of Cameron (and his characters) Oneshots

Book Of Cameron (and his characters) Oneshots

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Mish R. Jaeger By JaegerIttoki909 Updated Jul 04, 2017

Hey there! This book consists of Cameron and/or his characters.. 

The characters here will be Carlos De Vil, Conor from Gamer's Guide, and Luke Ross from JESSIE.....

I'm still trying to know the other casts he plays in other shows/movies.

Till then, see you! 

•~Miah (Mish) Rodriguez~•

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candy-lin candy-lin Jan 06
Who will win
                              Stealing a magical baby to raise for 18 years 
                              One stabby boi
PumpkinPatchGirl PumpkinPatchGirl Jul 29, 2017
I am the only one who doesn't see all the hype surrounding anime. (People who watch it don't kill me.)
candy-lin candy-lin Jan 06
Who will win
                              Stealing Triton's trident to rule the sea
                              One shippy boi
XxMystic15xX XxMystic15xX Nov 01, 2017
My name is Kali. Pronounced the same way as Callie. I go by my middle name, Elizabeth tho
Brooklyn_DeVil Brooklyn_DeVil Dec 13, 2017
No. It was Evie, Uma, and MABEL.
thehungergamesfan127 thehungergamesfan127 Aug 08, 2017
I'm daughter of hades and maleficent. In other words I AM THE GODLY  FAIRY OF DEATH FEAR ME. not really its my half brother Nico di angelo you should feat