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disconnected | c.r

disconnected | c.r

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n a d j a By -angryfeminist Updated Feb 14

❝I admit I'm a bit of a victim in the worldwide system too,
      But I've found my sweet escape when I'm alone with you.❞
      Sydney \syd-ney\ "wide island"
      Sydney-Marie Evans is 'famous'. She'd never call herself that, but with her debut album being produced, a Disney movie out, and a main role on The Walking Dead at only fifteen, she's relatively known.
      With a seemingly happy family life, growing career, and a close group of friends, you'd think she'd be the happiest, most fulfilled person in the whole world. Except, when she's with her family in LA, she doesn't get to see her friends, and when she's filming in Atlanta, she doesn't get to see her family.
      Hopping from place to place isn't the best thing for her, especially when you add possible feelings for her best friend and co-star to the mix.
      Having denied anything other than friendship for years only to fall into this grey area of feelings and having to do a long distance, secret sort-of-relationship isn't exactly her cup of tea, but if there's something these two can do is probably make it work.

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rheesus rheesus Dec 28, 2016
hey is it ok if i use one of these edits as a template? (ill give you credit)
also how do you do that, making the instagram template i mean?