LeafyIsHere (Calvin X Reader)

LeafyIsHere (Calvin X Reader)

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Kirin By PeskyBeee Updated Aug 29

Reader is supposed to be me but feel free to replace me LOL.

Really hope you guys like this, I was kinda of iffy about making this but I'll do it anyways because I love leafy.

(Some things will happen in this story, which happened to leafy)

fading_hero fading_hero Oct 05
Oh boy I understand all of these references from all of those leafy videos that I love because I love leafy that's why I'm reading this book yes.
i cant wait for the video i can see it now "COFFEE LADY ROAST!!!!!!" XD HAHAHAHA
jEssAkAbAE jEssAkAbAE Oct 06
When it is hot in England it is really hot but when it is cold it is freezing
U can wear my SWEATSHIRT cuz I don't want u to be cold and ur the only one I hold u can wear my SWEATSHIRT!!!!!! *Tun tu nuu tun tu nuu*
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