How To Be A Better Boyfriend +Markson

How To Be A Better Boyfriend +Markson

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mel. By jimblebells Updated Nov 14

++Sequel to 'Diary'

"I'm so fckin angry at my boyfriend rn"


mtzga_ mtzga_ May 12
He left the seat up when Jackson needed to take a sh- 😂😂
EeveeLlama EeveeLlama May 13
Did mark read his diary again?  also jackson dont do a regina george and be a bad person do a jisoos and hansol your way into being happy
BushGurl123 BushGurl123 Jul 26
Melis..... Ffs why you not letting yo fwiends read this?? It's so bootifull gurl so bootifull
Jaebummed Jaebummed May 12
                              And feels
                              So basically crying
                              And maybe some fluffy cuteness
                              And I will probs be mad
                              And cry
                              Did I say cry?
Markson will get marry because iF ANy ThiNG ElSe haPPeNs I wIlL FLiP My Sh- oe...
Im not sure what will happen. I have to go back to study. Haha. I cant wait to see what will happen.