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Humfrey_Mahikan By Humfrey_Mahikan Completed

Letting go is never easy. How can you move on when the only person who ever meant something to you was brutally killed? When everything, including even your own identity was torn away from you?
After being 'cured' by Scott Abrams, Humfrey Michaels was left with nothing. Now, traveling with two wolves from his old pack, he is once again faced with the prospect of returning to the tiny northern community that sold him to Abrams and slaughtered his mate.
But how can you find closure after so much?

And how can his mate, Nadie, ever find him again, when the both of them think the other to be dead?

This is the sequel to "Ice"

Highest Ranking: #381 in Werewolf. Thanks guys and gals!

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ChronicGlobetrotter ChronicGlobetrotter Mar 15, 2017
I liked reading Sarah's perspective.  I figured she would do something to save Hutch and the others and I'm glad I wasn't wrong. Can't wait to see how you develop her character.
SupersuMC SupersuMC Oct 08, 2017
I'm feeling the heartbreak. :( Believe me, no wolf or wolv wants to be called a coyote.
Mjkayn Mjkayn May 07
I have not read this book...but just know you have a very interesting cover for the book
LadyVichary LadyVichary Sep 24, 2016
Yes and us beaten souls are still making that mistake every day of our lives..............it never leaves.......all three females will eventually band together as sisters.  I hope
susannjane susannjane Sep 13, 2016
hmm risky bound to hit some sensitive nerves.. beaten wife's mistake..
JohnBell824 JohnBell824 Jan 07, 2017
sad; but animals are like people they have family problems too.