Seducing my Brother's Best Friend

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volleyball_girl_11 By volleyball_girl_11 Updated a year ago
Hi, I'm Zara, and I'm headed off to college. Freedom! But what happens when my living plans get screwed up and I have to live with my brother and his HOT best friend who my brother said is not supposed to flirt with me? Duh, I make it even harder for him not to flirt by flirting myself. Bow chicka wow wow. ;) Read on to find out my hilarious story.  A/N This is not about some geek who is in love with a boy and seduces him. It's about a protective brother who told his player of a best friend not to f*ck his sister and his sister is just flirting with him to make it harder to contain himself. It's humorous, not serious or sad.
I agree. but later on the story is great. specially the part with her friend coming over and dares I tought that to my friends
@volleyball_girl_11 No dont..the first chapter is great :) keep on writing