The Scream Behind The Screen {Markiplier X Abused Reader: #Wattys2016}

The Scream Behind The Screen {Markiplier X Abused Reader: #Wattys2016}

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"Please! Please just remember me! Look in my eyes and tell me you remember!"

"She was a good sister."

"I didn't get a chance to actually meet you. This is our first official meeting where you are safe."

"He cut me off from the world, Mark! From YOU, Mark!"

"I can't make any promises that she'll get better... It isn't looking good."

"How do you feel about me?"

"What's medicine for you is poison for her!"

"I was supposed to protect her!"

"I wish I had a best friend like that..."

"Jack. I really need you to accept this as a promise. You have to. Please..."

"If I knew what he did, he wouldn't have lived!"

"He hit me with a pipe. He kicked me. He hurt me and attempted my murder. Yet, he kept me alive to do it all again."

Mark didn't know.

|self harm
|domestic abuse
|smut (eventually)
|serious violence
|flying pigs
|religion mentioned (background character)


Or triggered...

It's all on you.

(All art, that I do not claim is mine, are not mine and go to their respective owners)

(Requested story by a good friend. I OWE YOU NOTHING AFTER THIS XD)

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