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My Angel (Jungkook x Reader)

My Angel (Jungkook x Reader)

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Artificial Love By AzuraTheKitten Updated 2 days ago

While taking a trip to Korea, you meet a strange person on the plane who just so happens to be the one and only Jungkook, your #1 bias. He takes you out shopping the next day where you meet the rest of BTS. Seems like Kookie has a bit of competition to win your heart!

I really suck at writing these so I'm so sorry. I don't really have a plan as to where this is headed right now so bear with me as we make this journey together!

Dont you just love it when yoi confess to your bias as they watch you reblog and read and listen to them
bluefoxes23 bluefoxes23 May 26
Little does she know that it actually her bias talking to her........................and also he is my bias too
LaGata14 LaGata14 May 18
OMG! This actually happened to me at school today. Bts was BLARING inside my locker and I was so embarrassed.
DLDCYanna DLDCYanna Apr 05
Uhhhhhhhh can't this happen in real life? 0/////////0
                              KOOKIE!!! OPPA! #
SabrinaHo7 SabrinaHo7 Apr 25
Same Jungkook! My bias is Jungkook too! I guess we all know that even Jungkook himself, loves himself c:
Slytharin Slytharin May 15
                              I TOLD MY SIS WAT HAPPENED AND SHE WAS FULL ON LAUGHING!!!