Friends With Benefits | tmnt au |  the fwb series - one

Friends With Benefits | tmnt au | the fwb series - one

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Book 1/4 of the TMNT mix -> 2k14/16 (how they look like) + 2k12 (a few things) + (partly book 2 and all about book 3).

Anita Anderson is a 21 year old girl that lives in Manhatten, New York. She is living in an apartment with her room mate, Amanda Johnson. Anita have known the turtles since she was 16 and have partly been living with them as well. One night she finds out her boyfriend Tim is cheating on her with one of her close friends.

Raphael Hamato, one of the ninja turtle brothers. He is single as well because of a bad break up with his previous girlfriend, Mona Lisa. After spending quite a lot of time with Anita for a while, they desice to take their friendship to the next level; they become friends with benefits.

Will they be able to be friends with benefits without getting feelings in the way? Will there be any feelings between them at all or maybe their friendship will fall apart? 

Read to find out!

This story involves sexuality and strong language. My recommended age is 18, so please reconsider reading if you're a minor or very sensitive to sexual content
If you read the story on Wattpad, please make sure to follow me to be able to read certian chapters because they are published as private, this because of sexual content. 


DISCLAIMER: I don't own the TMNT characters, only my OC's and the plot of the story. Please do not copy or steal, if you do I will report you for plagiarism!

Madame-Mischief Madame-Mischief Jun 06, 2016
BONNIE YOU WHOOORRREEE DX and eyyye... my last name is Anderson! lol
Rhythm16 Rhythm16 Jun 15, 2016
Your missing chapters 4, 13, 25,and 42 they were there b4 when I first read the book a while back but now they r gone 😣😢😭