The English Teacher {Student/Teacher}

The English Teacher {Student/Teacher}

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Alyssa and Lizzy By twobirdsof-a-feather Completed

Two different people from two different worlds. Sounds cliche, right? But it's true.   

First there's Charlotte Dent. The normal kid in school who get's pretty good grades. She's a senior this year but hasn't exactly been in a "real" relationship.   

And then there's Ashton Keiler. He was a player in high school which makes sense due to his good looks and hilarious personality. He ended up being an English teacher at Oak Grove High School.   

When their paths meet, sparks fly. But can they keep the relationship a secret long enough for Charlotte to graduate?

**warning: extremely cheesy

HeartOfHolo HeartOfHolo Apr 14
Ugh same😫 I literally did my project with a translation of the Twelfth Night right next to me
I've never even had those kind of relationships. Any kind of relationships. A day, a week a month. Never.
                              PS I'm 14 (fifteen in less than a month)
I legit just finished reading a T×S and the girls name was Poppy and I'm just over here like;
First, what is up with student x teacher books and abuse. They always seem go together...
                              Second, that really good writing. Specially for a 12 year old.
CryBaby_123 CryBaby_123 Jun 16
WoW! It's 4:54 AM right now and I need to go to sleep but I refuse to.
love it already. The beginning really drags me in. *Clap* *Clap* *Clap*