Rough | ijb•cyj

Rough | ijb•cyj

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Youngjae likes it rough 

He just needs to find someone who can give it to him how he likes it


"I'm fucked up, you don't want to be with a guy like me"


+2jae, markjin

lmao kids don't read this shit

Warning: slight angst, smut, sexual language, kinks and shit


cheejicake original storyline:

This story and ideas in it are completely made up from my messed up brain so any similarities are either coincidental or there's someone in the world who thinks like me. I don't believe in copying other writers work

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You can always just switch it onto cold only but... yeah...
                              Actually some showers don't have the hot and cold options... like mine 😂
ojthehobo ojthehobo Oct 31
Just wanted to comment here so I could be the 69th 😂😂😂
-heolyijb -heolyijb Nov 06
omI LOrd im ImAgInIng thIs SUNshiNe sAyiNG thiS shitt hoNestLy itS A gOoD cOncEpT waIt WhAt
Everyone's like "me" but... what happened to the sunshine 😭😭
OumaimaId OumaimaId Nov 04
I just finished a fanfic where Youngjae is so innocent that he don't even know what sex I'm sooooo not used to him being a horny teen like that
This is only the first part and I'm already crying for awkwardness
                              Btw Markjin is real