Connection | Jerrie (G!P)✔

Connection | Jerrie (G!P)✔

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"Maybe it was a drunken mistake, an one night stand but I felt a deep connection whenever I touched her. She's so special, so precious."


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A_B_J_Ch A_B_J_Ch Oct 19, 2017
Well, either they work wonders in that restaurant or it took REALLY long for Perrie to notice
LeighLegend420 LeighLegend420 May 27, 2017
Omg! Actually imagine Jade with a dick! 😂😂😂😂 she's too cute to have a penis 😂
jerriexzs jerriexzs Mar 14, 2017
Your story's quite great. Haha. :D but I'm a little bit confused of Jade's gender. Lol. Is it hermaphroditism? a person who was born with two sex organs? Hahaha. :D Lol just asking though.
Whot whot whot only for sleeping with someone whilst being drunk she does all of this!?!?!?Lmao if i would've done this after every one night stand I had...
xXSpartileXx xXSpartileXx May 28, 2017
Bitch wtf, all that for a one night stand? You out your goddamn mind.
A_B_J_Ch A_B_J_Ch Oct 19, 2017
That's called procrastination...
                              Every student uses it as much as possible