Reckless Mentality (Urban)

Reckless Mentality (Urban)

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Dots 'n' Deena By ImperfectVibes Updated Aug 07, 2016

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DEFINE: Reckless Mentality

[Rek-lis] | Adjective
1.utterly unconcerned about the consequences of some action; without caution; careless

[Men-tal-i-tee] | noun
1.	the set of one's mind; view; outlook.

Jordyn is an only child who started to grow up with both parents but was soon left with only her mum after her Dad's drug empire begins to threaten the safety of their family. Jordyn never knew truly why her Dad 'left' and why she never saw him again after she moved but once she returns to her hometown of Philadelphia everything changes. 

Following the return of her dad to her life Jordyn is once again exposed to the world of drugs, gangs and learns how much it can effect her family, friends and relationships. She has moved back in hopes to pursue her aspirations but will her exposure to this raw, harsher side of the world change her, break her or make her?

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XLZAXx XLZAXx Jun 05, 2016
that girl is  pretty but she we matching hairstyles too I'm just light skinned from being mixed with black and Puerto Rican etc
aranas___ aranas___ May 18, 2015
I can already tell this writer is from either philly or jersey
leahhhforeign leahhhforeign Nov 13, 2014
try me try me , imma get your whole muthaf*cking family &I ain't playing with nobody fu*k around and imma catch a body
xbang_bangx xbang_bangx Nov 29, 2013
omg! i waz hyped up when i saw how you spelled her name bc thts how u spell mine. the first couple of chapters r good