The Things We Did That Summer

The Things We Did That Summer

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Ashley By theanonymouswriter22 Updated Nov 22, 2011

"Aren't you a little young to be dating my dad?" She looks like she could be my age. And then she turns around.

"Yeah, I am," she says, sarcasm leaking through her tone. Suddenly, her emerald green eyes widen. "So it's a good thing I'm not."

"Beth?" I whisper, uncertain. A small smile creeps onto my face.

 "Hi Luke."

Luke has been in love with Beth for as long as he can remember. When he finally gets the guts to ask her out and she says no, he is left feeling stupid and rejected. But when a twist of fate lands them together for the entire Summer, he figures that he might just be able to change her mind.

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Lotuslotte Lotuslotte Nov 25, 2011
Wow a really interesting and enticing first part really excited to keep writing ;)
AngelaWu AngelaWu Nov 22, 2011
Aww...That's cute! Whenever I read a teen-fic from the guy's point of view the guys are always and I mean ALWAYS jerks. Finally, a down to earth cute guy who's super nervous and cute! Omg! =D
NeverCeasingToAmaze NeverCeasingToAmaze Nov 22, 2011
This was really good! It has a classic teen romance feel and I really love Luke's friend :)
parametric parametric Nov 22, 2011
Awwh I really like how you wrote the letter. It's awesome how you got into a guy's head too. Something very difficult haha :)
scattering-memories scattering-memories Nov 22, 2011
Ooh, great concept of the letter-thing! :D
                              I like that you wrote in the guy's POV... I'm quite bored of everything in the girl's POV all the time.
                              Seems pretty cool, reading on! <:
XHeart_PrisonX XHeart_PrisonX Nov 22, 2011
                              WHAT A COINCIDENCE! 
                              (: LOVE THE STORY!