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Breaking Down Hope

Breaking Down Hope

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Lexi By vballlexi14 Updated Aug 12, 2015

Hope Larson is the only thing Alex Martinez lives for. Hope is a goofy girl who only wants to make others laugh and smile. The only thing she really ever cared about was making people happy, one of those people being Alex. Alex is the guy who wants everyone to think he is a 'bad boy.' He has tattoos on his body and gives off a "screw you" vibe. Alex really doesn't seem to care about anything but himself and, of course, Hope. Somehow Hope and Alex fall for each other and are crazy in love. Hope makes Alex happy and helps him lose some of the bad boy-ness about him. They are the "it couple" at school and somehow in the craziness of this world they just mesh like spaghetti and meatballs. Until one night, on their way home from a football game Hope, Alex, and two of their friends are in a major car accident. Three of the four walk away without a scratch. The other one is in a coma. Alex has to get through the crazy twists and turns life throws at him. Hopefully the love of two teens can make it through a tragedy that has everyone hoping for a miracle.
A/N this story I started thinking I had a plan for and I wrote it about three times and I hated it. I was thinking about it and I FINALLY figured out how to write it, so now I get to write something that isn’t terrible. I want to warn everyone now that there is going to be some sad parts to it and if you are uncomfortable with car crashes then this is probably not the story for you. (You could always read one of my other ones though ;)...) Thanks!

vballlexi14 vballlexi14 Oct 02, 2011
@xFakingaSmilex well thank you! I hope you like the rest! :)
vballlexi14 vballlexi14 Jul 21, 2011
@CappyGleek wow that is huge praise! Thanks so much for everything! I really really appreciate it! :)
zeraii zeraii Jun 15, 2011
neat, I like it. lol your teacher caught you. that would be pretty embarassing. keep writing though, your a good writer. :))) 
vballlexi14 vballlexi14 Mar 07, 2011
@RunnerGirl2013 @AshleyTheStrange  I wrote more Yay! anyway tell me what you guys think please! I would really appreciate it!
RunnerGirl2013 RunnerGirl2013 Mar 06, 2011
hey girl!! i dont want to bug you here, but you have a bunch of this written and you should type it up and post it:) wow, that sounds a little weird coming from me, the girl who has to be harrassed to post Perfect Match haha but seriously, youre an amazing writer so, get going:)
vballlexi14 vballlexi14 Feb 18, 2011
@AshleyTheStrange ok I'll keep it on and I'll work in it too, just for you. :P And good I'm glad I want to read more soon!