Aro's Beloved True Mate

Aro's Beloved True Mate

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Sgb1011-QOD By Sgb1011-QOD Updated Sep 03, 2016

Disclaimer, I do not own Twilight, all credit revolving nicknames, pictures found online, models, gowns, Meyer's story, and characters belong to their respected owners. I do own my own OC 
Deanna was assigned to a new high school for awhile. 

Sulpicia has been imprinted on. Now letters have betrayed her and ALL Volturi are in an uproar. Is there even hope for Aro's Queen? 

Can the Cullen's shed light in this troubled time? or will Aro go mad with his Rage?

What's going on with Bella? Trouble and disagreements break out. Will the Cullen's need to choose sides within the family? What is with the return of an Older enemy?
Will the King's stick together as one of their own betrayed them???

Rated Mature for: Mature Content, violence, language, Tourcher, action, and drama

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Disclaimer: some abilities I did take from my others because I like it. Check out my others. Enjoy!

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co95431 co95431 May 20, 2017
I have a question are these books in some way connected together I know That Edwards is cause Bella is told by Deanna about the true mate thing to Bella and it pisses her off
LaineyMcFall LaineyMcFall May 12, 2016
I think it would be great if Edward found his true mate then we would t have to deal with Bella B*TCHING. Love your work as usual 👍🏼