The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt

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Butrflyash By Butrflyash Updated Feb 01, 2012

I see ghosts.......

Except my ghosts aren’t just floating see-through apparitions. They aren’t drifting clouds of mist, or glowing balls of light. My ghosts are the soundless, walking zombies of the dearly departed. They are the rotting corpses of the dead.

I am crazy........
I have never pretended to be anything else. I know that seeing the dead isn't something sane people do. No. I am fully aware of my own psychosis. Too bad knowing and accepting isn't a cure.


Something else seems to be happening around me. People are dying, people I know. And whats worse the Sheriff in town thinks I'm doing it. Even my silent rotting friends can't help me, not without a voice. 

I am not a murderer.

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