Stark & His Kitten

Stark & His Kitten

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Book One of the Stark & His Series. Mature Readers/Audiences  Only! 18+ Chapters are Private. 

Callim Silviu Stark is the Alpha  twenty-seven year's old and has lived a good life. He has loving parents and two younger brothers, Sorin and Vlad, who are his best friends. He is surrounded by other loving friends and Pack members who respect him. Callum has dedicated his time and being to being a good Alpha to one of the strongest Packs in the country. He also works hard as the owner of a construction and security company. Nearing his thirties Callum has yet to find one thing every werewolf needs: a mate. He suffers from terrible migraines, intense pain and occasionally needs more sleep. Despite the pain he goes through from not find his other half, he remains strong with his business and Pack. 

Evie York is a twenty-three year old shifter, a lynx, to be exact.  At a young age Evie's Mother left her family behind for a wealthy man, a man who was not her mate. Despite her Mother's betrayal, Evie had a happy childhood with her Father and older brother Norin. However, there are scars left behind from her traumatic past. Emotional and physical scars that haunt her day and night. These scars make Evie fear that her other half, her mate, will reject her. It is because of her past that Evie feels that she does not want to meet her mate, because she fears his rejection. 

Evie has recently graduated from college and is moving to start her career. Evie is excited about the move to her new home, but is sad to be hours away from the friends she has gained. Thanks to her friends Luna, Sky, Emily and Miyu she has started to live again. She loves being Auntie Ev to their kids and has started to socialize more, even with dominant werewolf's and shifter men that once made her nervous and strike fear in her body. 

Read to find out about Stark & His Kitten.
*PLEASE be warned that this book has triggers as well as sexual content, so  DO NOT read this book if you are under 18+ of age*

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rhinoracer rhinoracer Jun 23, 2017
Tis a VERY VERY detailed morning routine scene.  Is there a reason later for that?
bernie-26 bernie-26 Jun 05, 2017
Aaron( masculine) Erin(femenine) Just to let you know. I only know because of my family. We have one of each.
eternallyhan eternallyhan Nov 24, 2017
5’4 is pretty average lmao from someone who is 5’8 (which isn’t crazy tall but still decent) I constantly hear people who are average saying like “omg I’m so tall!1!1” or “wow I’m so short I’m fun sized!!1!1” and it makes me laugh😂 no shade though
lalamine lalamine May 21, 2016
So excited for this book, I have such a soft spot for Callum