Right or wrong? Male chara X reader

Right or wrong? Male chara X reader

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Basically a male chara X reader that is female. It is ok if you are a guy and want to read. (Y/n) is a young girl age 16 who fell down into the underground and met the one and only male chara, he will be called char sometimes as a nickname.  

Undertale belongs to Toby fox

You belong to chara

And I belong to myself

JellyDoesFanfics JellyDoesFanfics Jul 30, 2016
Jany Arima
                              Look up what each name means. It's cool (that's...that's a joke you'd only understand if you find the meanings of the names)
Kiermerald Kiermerald Nov 04, 2016
When I first played Undertale, I did not catch the 'friendliness pellets' because you just don't trust a talking flower
Phosec Phosec Oct 25, 2016
                              Me:It was an accident
                              Mom:I DONT BELIEVE YOU
                              Me:*picks Sister and drops her again* Okay, now I did
EmotionlessYandere EmotionlessYandere Nov 10, 2016
Can I kill my mom for being cruel to me? *holding a kitchen knife and is covered in a little bit of blood*
SinnersDaughter SinnersDaughter Oct 28, 2016
Well I don't even know you yet so how can i love you that proves that I am not on your s
Chara the creeper... why you stalking her? Why you stalk the child??