The Teacher Who Flipped Me

The Teacher Who Flipped Me

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fagynamadelline By fagynamadelline Updated Jul 09, 2013

I walk into the empty classroom to see my teacher writing on the whiteboard in the front of the classroom. Why am I always the first one to my classes? I take a seat near the front. I want to make a good impression on this teacher. She's a new teacher, I'm assuming. No one's heard of her. I wonder how Saxton's classes are so far...

My thoughts are interrupted as she turns around to greet me with the most genuine smile I've seen in my 17 years of living.

"Hi! I'm Ms. Victoria." She said, still smiling.

She said "Ms." Not "Mrs." She's not married...

All I can manage to do is smile back. 

Why am I thinking this way? No...Saxton is my boyfriend. I love him. I've never liked a girl. I just think she's pretty, that's all. My parents would murder me if they knew I liked a girl. 

She sits down at her desk and starts writing something. I keep looking at her. She's intriguing. The way she writes...smiles...those baby blue eyes and her silky shoulder length blond hair.

I realize some kid a...

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ButterflyAwayLmao ButterflyAwayLmao Oct 20, 2014
Why did I not read this book earlier? Oh wait cause I'm an idiot, that's why. I believe I fell in love with this chapter at first sight
Gabbystartwinkle Gabbystartwinkle Aug 06, 2012
Please tell me ur gonna make new chapter soon! Because I love this story and reading it makes me feel so happy! I hope they end up together! <3 romeo and Juliette, nice touch ;)
keke_1793 keke_1793 Nov 23, 2011
Very good...I totally wanna know what's gonna happen next...voted plz upload soon.