The Boy Who Lives In Lockdown

The Boy Who Lives In Lockdown

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Ew!? By Grassi-Hoying Completed

His parents died in a car crash,
He is said to still be alive. Only a few people have seen him and when they tell their stories, they disappear forever and no one can find them. 

People say he lives in Lockdown. Lockdown is a part of town no one is allowed because everyone who enters, never comes back. 

Some people say they drive pass Lockdown and see him standing at the gate, staring at anyone who passes. 

What happens when a certain Scott Hoying goes in?


A/N this is a short story, so things will move fast

Exberrr Exberrr Aug 10
If I was in this situation, I would've collaped (that ref tho) and fainted and died 😂
HBombRules HBombRules Oct 24
If that happened to me I would look up start running and never stop until I was home
brostiel brostiel Nov 08
I love authors who say this because it takes balls to be like idgaf about how many ppl read this as long as they read it for the right reason ..respect