The Alpha Daughter

The Alpha Daughter

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Samantha Perez By SupernaturalGirl3191 Updated Mar 11, 2017

Kay Groban is Beautiful, Kind, sweet, brave and Wonderful Werewolf... But it's not easy for her being the Alpha Daughter in the pack. She love to hang out with her friends after school or going to party, her father is over protective. She will be the next alpha female in her pack, one of the beta wolves won't agree on it because she is a female... She will prove the beta that they are wrong about her, but what will she do to prove them. Her father knows that she is brave, Kat can taken on anything, but there a problem she found her Mate at a party one of her friends call her, too picking her up. How would she tell her father that she found her Mate? Her Mate is also the Alpha son. 

Constantine Rain is the Alpha son, He's the strongest one out of his Alpha. He can have anything other female wolf, the one he dating around him are beautiful and Smart. But he's father wants him to forces on his pack instead of partying. When he saw Kat Groban with her beautiful Blond hair, brown eyes and a sweet smile, he knew that she was his mate.  But He knows that Kat is different from the other female wolf.  Also she'd the Alpha Daughter , Constantine notice that Kat is not going to stay at the party. Will he reject her or Can Constantine accepted her for his Mate?

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