The Rain (Part III of the Runner Series)

The Rain (Part III of the Runner Series)

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Katie Baker By so1tgoes Updated Aug 07

The conclusion of The Runner series.

Half a year has passed since the fall of Babel. In that time, tales of the Runner have drifted from truth into legend. There are stories of a thief who toppled an empire, whispers about a hero who sacrificed everything to free us from the iron grip of a madwoman.

They say that the Runner is broken. They say that she is fearless. They say that no enemy stands a chance against her unstoppable army of warriors.

They say that she fights because her veins run red with rebellion, but I know better.

She fights because she has nothing left to lose.

CBlignault CBlignault 2 days ago
I so want to read this book, at the same time i DON'T want to because it is the last one...
                              May I just say that it has been a huge adventure so far.
Seth_Bishop Seth_Bishop Jun 05
I'm so excited and sad to read the last book, I love the Runner series so much😍😢😁
heloboo heloboo Feb 08
I love Kay- She's such a strong, badass character!  Hope she kicks some seriously butt!!
Florenxep Florenxep Jan 06
I love both books, they're AMAZING!! You have real talent! Can't wait for this one, no pressure 😂
So looking forward to starting your book have enjoyed both books and wow your such a great novelist 💖
Good luck!!! You can do it! We will wait in anticipation as long as you need 😄