write me | markson

write me | markson

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he didn't know what to think when he saw the words 'I love you' written sloppily on his wrist. 


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sanhasmile sanhasmile Jan 11
if this was real then my soul mate would've had the backyardigans written on their hand, and a drawing of tasha as well.
ACupOfTaeWithAKookie ACupOfTaeWithAKookie Dec 13, 2016
This would be a cool story actually
                              Like this could work outside of fanfiction
whatwonwoo whatwonwoo May 26, 2016
oMG I saw this on tumblr and you're making it a thing I'm suddenly emo
Markie_poo Markie_poo Jul 26, 2016
*Sucks in a bunch of air* *still cant breathe* *choking* *hyperventilating* *passes out*
ACupOfTaeWithAKookie ACupOfTaeWithAKookie Dec 13, 2016
Watch a penis randomly show up on his foot like "whatcha doin there lil Marky- OMG IS THAT"
wangass wangass Jan 06
i'm a markjin shipper, I don't even know what I'm doing here but oh well...