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write me | markson

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emma By akabrowny Updated Oct 22

he didn't know what to think when he saw the words 'I love you' written sloppily on his wrist. 


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Well I hope youngjae enjoyed having his name all over his arms and legs in eyeliner
GOT7trash_ GOT7trash_ Oct 25
Mark gotta have a hard time trying to erase all that kpop crap and lyrics and makeup swatches lol good luck babe
then chanyeol must have had a hard time erasing the writings on his arm every week
YoosvngKim YoosvngKim May 25
I drew j-hope one my wrist and also traced my veins with pink sharpie nice
Well Jackson, hope you enjoyed those random K-idol names written in Korean
chimcelle chimcelle Jun 11
what if i drew "send nudes" on my skin would it appear on jimin's then?